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Historical Timeline
1987 A need was identified by Protection Workers at Family and Children's Services for parent and family support programs. Child Care Resource Centre and Resource Teaching Program were developed in response to Provincial Government funding initiatives. Child Care Resource Centre offered support to existing Mom and Tot playgroups, in addition to developing new groups and providing a Mobile Toy Lending Library program, "Play It Again Van". Resource Teaching Program offered support, advocacy, and in-home programming for children with special needs.

1988 Protection Workers again identified a need for more services for children and families. At the time, there were only four licensed Day Nursery facilities in the county-two part- time nursery schools and two pre-school day care centres. There was no licensed care available for infants, nor was there any subsidy assistance for families in financial need. There was however, a great deal of unsupervised informal home child care in Caregiver homes. Ministry of Community and Social Services had pilot funding for "flexible models of care". In response, Prevention Workers of Family and Children Services submitted proposal for Licensed Home Child Care and Family Group Care, with subsidy funding.

1990 In the Spring our Licensed Home Child Care begins to offer supervised child care in Caregiver's home, with subsidy funding available. Two Family Group Care pilot locations open, in Millcreek and Yarker.

1990 In the Fall our All Day Nursery programs operated by Family and Children's Services are separated to form a new hub-model agency: Lennox and Addington Resources for Kids.

1992 Agency name is changed to: Lennox and Addington Resources for Children.

1993  Pilot funding ends. The two Family Group Care pilots undergo DNA licensing process and begin operation as small day care centres: Millcreek Child Care and Camden Community Day Care. In addition, a school-age program is licensed in Odessa: Millcreek Before and After School Program

1994 School-age program is opened in Napanee: Napanee District Secondary School After School Program.

1994-1995 As part of the NDP Provincial Government Conversion Process aimed at for-profit child care operators, LARC acquires Amherstview Day Care Centre.

1995-1996 As a result of changes to the operating license at Amherstview Day Care Centre, a school-age program isopened in Amherstview.

1996 LARC acquires a former mobile dental coach and installs the facility on the grounds of the North Addington Education Centre in Cloyne. Named the Parenting Centre, it provides a facility for playgroup, toy library, training and parenting support programs.

1999 On April 1st Downloading of childcare to the municipality occurred.

1999 Summer programs are offered in the Land O' Lakes area sponsored by the National Child Benefit Initiative. New school-age program opens at Centerville School: Centerville School-Age Program.

2000 Centreville School-age program closed and the Parenting Centre in the North closed.

2003 Opened our Ontario Early Years Centre at 1178 County Rd 8

2004 New school-age programs open at Fairfield, Tamworth and Centreville Schools

2005 Program at Centerville School is closed and a New school-age program opens at Bath Public School

2006 New school-age program opens at JJ O'Neill Catholic School. LARC receives Best Start funding to enhance our Resource Consultant Program.

2009 New school-age programs open at HH Langford Public School and Westdale Park Elementary School

2012 HH Langford School and Westdale Public School amalgamate into the new Southview School and a new program is opened there.  LARC also opens an After School Program at The Prince Charles Public School and a Before & After school program at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School.