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Home Child Care

"The Best of Both Worlds "

The benefits of a family atmosphere and individual attention, combined with legislated standards of quality and safety.

LARC approves, supervises and supports caregivers who are interested in developing their own home-based childcare business. Caregivers are self-employed, contracted and paid by LARC in order to provide care in their own homes for a maximum of 5 children. Every effort is made to accommodate most work schedules through flexible hours of care.

LARC ensures that your children (infants to school age) receive the highest quality of child care and are connected with the most appropriate caregiver in a loving and caring family atmosphere.

Our Home Child Care Team Leader assures that our loving and fun caregivers provide a stimulating program for your children. We do this by ensuring that early learning activities are provided, developmental needs are met, and that meals and snacks are made in accordance with Canada's Food Guide.

We regularly conduct scheduled and unscheduled visits to ensure that all safety and other standards are maintained. Our caregivers are also provided with ongoing administrative support, First Aid and CPR training, as well as opportunities for professional development.

The Home Childcare program is licensed by the Ministry of Education to administer the operation of this program in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act. This program undergoes an annual inspection by the Ministry, where by we meet or exceed the ministry standards.

The Home Childcare Program participates in quality assurance programming annually to ensure continued quality care.

Click on "Need Home Childcare" or "Provide Home Childcare" links to the right to learn more about our program.  For more information you can contact the Team Leader of the Program, Allison Timms,  Directly at 613-354-6318 ext 24