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Once you decide which childcare option is right for you, you should research each program and ask many questions to ensure the program is the right fit for you and your family.

What questions should I ask?

Click HERE for some sample questions to ask. These questions should be asked no matter what option you choose - licensed or unlicensed. It is recommended that you seek at least three references (especially in the unlicensed programs). If you have a child with special needs be sure to ask about their program and how they include children with special needs as well as what supports they offer.

Where do I look for licensed childcare options in Ontario?

The Ministry Education has designed a website to improve public access to child care licensing information and locations. Search the Ontario Licensed Child Care Website by location, age group, name of program etc... to find a centre near you.

Please note that if a child care program is not listed on this site, it is not a licensed child care program.

Disclaimer: Most of the information found on this page can be found and has been reproduced from the Ministry of Education's website.

I have called every licensed childcare centre in my area but there are no spaces. What can I do?

Unfortunately you are not alone, many childcare advocates have been lobbying the government for many years to provide an universal, affordable childcare system so that every child has access to high quality early learning and childcare programs. You can help by visiting HERE and filling out the survey. By doing this you will be letting your local MPP know that this is a real issue in their community and that more is needed to help expand spaces and to build a public childcare system in Ontario.