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Aboriginal Healthy Babies/Healthy Children

What is the Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children (AHBHC) Program?

Aboriginal people believe that every child is a unique gift from the Creator. It is our job to honour this gift. We honour each gift by providing for their development within their surroundings of family, community, and culture. We do this by offering support and access to culturally appropriate, early intervention and prevention services.

All families expecting a baby need support. Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children (AHBHC) is an important program designed to help all Aboriginal children in Ontario get the best start in life.

Supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and child rearing is critical to promoting the best health and development of infants and young children.

Goals of the Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children (AHBHC) Program:

To assist all Aboriginal families to provide the best opportunities for healthy development for children up to 6 years of age.

To act as a means for a coordinated, effective, integrated system of services and supports for healthy child development.

AHBHC program is voluntary and open to any Aboriginal family that requests the service. Aboriginal families may also access the provincial program via the local public health unit. 

For more information please contact Sarah Brown at 613-354-6318 ext 25