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Our goal is to help children gain self-confidence and excitement about learning which will set the stage for lifelong learning and to support parents and caregivers in their role.

Our playgroups are a place where you can:

  • Get answers to your questions about child development.

  • Get information about programs and services that are available for young children in our community.

  • Have opportunities to talk to EarlyON professionals.

The EarlyON Programs work in collaboration to offer the following supports:


  • Childcare Information

  • Early Literacy Support            

  • Family Support

  • Parent/Caregiver Resources & Workshops

  • Baby Groups - information on pre & postnatal supports

  • Links to other EarlyON Services

  • Early Learning Programs (Playgroups) various locations throughout Lennox & Addington

  • Volunteer Opportunities

EarlyON Child & Family Centre Contact:
Samantha Patay
Phone Number: 613-354-6318 ext 147


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