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This program is designed to work in partnership with families of children aged 0-12 years who have special needs or may be experiencing challenges in one or more of the following areas of development; physical, social-emotional, communication, intellectual, and behavioural.

Child Activity

Resource Consultants assist families with:


  • Providing developmental screening to assess the child’s current level and their next steps.

  • Making referrals and seeking assessments for their child if needed.

  • Assisting families to seek available funding (i.e.: ACSD and SSAH).

  • Acting as a liaison with the childcare setting to consult, provide resources and ensure inclusion.

  • Providing consultation to develop goals and strategies.

  • Help to implement recommendations from therapists (Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy).

Resource Consultants assist childcare providers by:

  • Providing onsite consultation and regular visits to the

     childcare program.

  • Providing adaptive equipment if necessary.

  • Lending teaching aids, games, toys, activities and

     resources from LARC’s lending library to enhance the

     program and work on specific skills.

  • Developing individual programming and goal planning to meet the child’s specific needs within the group setting.

  • Providing training opportunities for childcare staff.

  • Offering ongoing support and review of the goals to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the child as they progress and grow.

  • Providing funding for Enhanced Support Staff to foster and promote inclusion.


Teacher and Pupil

To be eligible, families must have their child enrolled in a licensed childcare setting.  A licensed childcare setting includes Daycare Programs, School Age Programs and Licensed Home Child Care. Referrals are accepted from parents and also from other professionals with parent consent

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